Thursday, 30 April 2015

Reading Support

  • Different activities surrounding the book “Platero and I” by J.R. Jiménez
  • Whispers week

Activity report
Visual documentation
Visual documentation for whispers week
Video for whispers week
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  •  “Forests as a meeting place” A participative art activity involving families and kids.

For the art workshop in the 4 year old group, we decided to look at some ideas for collages. We liked the result so much that we asked families to create something new with their children’s collages by writing something above the piece of art.

Activity report
Visual documentation

  • Chain stories beginning with “My favourite animal is....”

For the didactic unit about animals and their characteristics, the activity My Favourite Animal gets underway.
Each child chooses the animal that they like most from the basket of animals that is played with in the symbolic games.
The families really like this activity and suggest that they participate too by making their own versions.

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