Monday, 4 May 2015

Visit to Entomological museum

At the initiative of one of our parents, we arranged a visit to the Entomological museum. One of our current small projects in kindergarten is on the subject of swamps so mention parent suggested that children should visit the museum where he works with his expert guidance so he can show the insects that live in wetlands and in our area.Aim: To provide children with quality source of information about the subject more closely investigated by a person who is an expert in the selected area. Give children an insight into the world of insects that live in wetlands in a quality manner and placed in the context in which they are found in nature. Provide an expert who knows the names of insects and their details.
The content of activity: visit to the museum began with an overview of the overall structure of the museum, from nocturnal insects, insect of the deciduous forests, bees and insects to wetlands. The emphasis was on insects that live in wetlands because of the current interests of children. The children also used museums audio technology and asked questions about their points of interest. On the way out we bought a multimedia interactive DVD which children will use in the kindergarten. Children also made lots of drawings of insects where they explain all the specific features of certain insects.

Activity report
Visual documentation

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