Monday, 4 May 2015

Second mountain trip - Medvenica

Our second mountain trip happened on 25th of April 2015. 38 climbers (children, parents and staff of kindergarten „Djecji svijet“) successfully reached the top of Medvenica. The trip was organized as part of the special section "Cevo", branch of kindergarten "Children's World, led by guide Milan Turkalj.

Aim of the activity: Climbing to Medvednica (1033m). During the hike children will overcome various forms of natural movement, especially movement up and down the hill, and learn about surrounding wildlife. At the same time they will adapt to and deal with a variety of unforeseen and unexpected situations. During the trip, all participants will use the time to rest and relax, socialize, to know each other and provide mutual support and help, if needed. 

The content of activity: Departure from kindergarten at 9:00 am. After a short rest during the journey, we reached the mountain hut Puntijarka, where we started the climb on easy walking trail through the woods to the top. On the hiking trail, the children's parents explained hiking trails labels. Children were using the magnifying glass to investigate curiosities and secrets of nature, and lingered by unusual natural phenomena (the visible roots of inverted trees). They enjoyed the walk through the last traces of snow in the woods, they mastered in different ways avoiding natural obstacles like destroyed trees, enjoyed the beauties of nature, and rejoiced when they obtained identity cards for membership in the hiking section. The return was at 19:00.

Activity report
Visual documentation

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