Saturday, 23 May 2015

Relations with the environment

  •  Meeting and launch of the SELF project. The 2nd of July

  • Umbra-L . Interactive installation by artist Arturo Moya

  • Umbra-L” is an interactive and audiovisual installation that involves leisure, participative and communal reflection about identity, understood as a negotiation each other. The spectators are invited to use their shadows to build up a communal and alternative portrait about a secret society; unknown bodies which are free from the slavery of their own images and also project a strong otherness inside the shadow; micro-tales that generate a desire of being the other one at the environment.

    Activity report
    Visual documentation

    • Drifting Poetry – A collaborative literary/poetic project shared between families, nearby institutions and Zaleo

    This Project is developed in different phases: 

    First phase: 

    We provide information to families about the project in which we tend to rescue the first murmurs that our parents or grandparents whispered to us and having the opportunity to share them with the other families and neighbors. 

    The coordinator at Zaleo suggests building up a “poetic container” to keep all lullabies as glass bottles. “Authenticated” this process of rescuing the lullaby by taking pictures or recording the audio in which you can sing or whisper the murmur. 

    Activity report
    Online vault
    Visual documentation

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