Thursday, 7 May 2015

The chess whorkshop

All the activities developed must have this sequence, taking into account either the boy or girl individually or the team: 

1. Legends about the backgrounds of chess 
2. What is chess, what we need, how many players are, which the purpose is.
3. The board. How many squares do I have, which ones are white, which ones are black, the proper collocation of the board paying attention to the printed letters. 
4. The pieces. What are their names, which are their colors, what is their collocation. 
5. Pawns. How do they move, which is their collocation, how do they eat. Pawns race. 
6. We insert the rest pieces on board by the same way. How do they move, how do they eat, what is their collocation: rook, bishop, qeen, kingand knight. 
7. We will focus on the knight due to it is harder to move. We do some exercises on the floor, on the floor tiles, on the board… 
8. We begin by choosing first only two pieces, then three, etc until we have played with all the pieces. 
9. Once we know how to play we will concentrate in the strategy (controlling the middle of the board). 
We also turn to other computer chess games that are so useful in case of playing in the rooms at any time.

The whole activities developed will be constantly supported by pupils´ parents who will play with their children

Activity report

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