Thursday, 30 April 2015


On Saturday, 3rd of March, 20 new members in the section "Cevo" - a branch of the kindergarten "Children's World" from Varazdin took part in the trip to Kalnik, of which 9 children, 3 employees and 8 parents, together with the tour leader Milan Turkalj. After accommodation and refreshments we went to the top of Kalnik through lookout. During the hike participants were introduced with the objectives and activities of the project S.E.L.F.
GOAL of socializing with children, parents and family members was to spend time together in nature in order to familiarize children with a sense of comfort and a special mood that allows such a stay. In addition, we wanted to enable children to experience staying in nature which is unpredictable and a full of new experiences and experiences in which we can react in different ways, with the aim of gaining mutual trust as well as the development of self-esteem for overcoming mountain ascents and various obstacles in your way. Adults were a safe support for the children. 

Before the climb all the new members got “hikers baptism” after which they were presented with their own hiking card.

At the top we took photos, stamped our hiking cards and enjoyed the view. We saw Varazdin, Cevo, Ivancica, and a bit of Medvednica hills as well as the views of the villages under Kalnik.

Before returning to Varazdin we made the climb to the old town of Kalnik, where participants were able to see the exercise of rock climbing alpinists from Zagreb and mountaineers from Mursko Sredisce who had a course of mountaineering school.

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