Thursday, 30 April 2015

Travelogue – India

The girl Maya Diana, from kindergarten „Djecji svijet“, with her mother Natasha was absent from kindergarten two months due to travel to India where her father lives. During her stay, she sent many postcards to her friends in kindergarten about unusual places she has wiseted. Upon returning, her friends in kindergarten constantly questioned where she was and what she saw there. Maya shared that she had learned a new skill of Indian dancing and she wanted to show her dance sequence. During her stay in India Maya Diana has even starred in a film, which was also covered by the media in our city. Noticing the interest of children, we agreed with Maya's mom Natasha that she will prepare for interested children travel itinerary with photos and videos from the entire course of the trip.

Aim: Getting information about the individual interests of children of India and Indian culture, dance, traditional clothes through direct communication with persons from the direct experience and knowledge of the subject. 

The content of activities: At the beginning Maya Diana performed her dance sequence which she rehearsed in India. Then her mom Natasha showed children footage of dance workshops and photos from their travel. Children asked questions and Maya Diana and her mother readily responded. Children were also impressed with the recording of their flight, in which Maya Diana sends greetings to all friends from kindergarten. Activity flowed in pleasant conversation and ended with a joint dance of all those involved with new dance moves that Maya Diana tought them.

Activity report
Visual documentation

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