Thursday, 30 April 2015

Night of Books

April 23 is the World Book and Copyright Day, proclaimed in 1996 at the General Assembly of UNESCO. Marking the day UNESCO invites readers, authors, translators, publishers, teachers, librarians, public institutions, non-profit organizations and the private sector to promote the books, reading and publishing, with copyright protection. In Croatia, the Night of Books is held since 2012.

Goal of the activity: The aim of the activities was to become actively involved in the event Night of Books. Since the night of the book takes place on 23rd of April to mark World Book Day and Copyright Day with this activity we wanted to put the emphasis on the authors of literary works. Since children in kindergarten often make picture books themselves, which are later used in the work, they got a chance to learn directly from the author about the process of making the book, from the idea to the illustration. Also, the author of the book is mother of two boys from our kindergarten. 

The content of activities: The author, who is a mother of two boys from kindergarten “Djecji svijet”, presented to children her picture books and children were able to shuffle through them by themselves. She brought the empty sheath of the picture book which is still in preparation, a kind of "skeleton" for inserting text and illustrations. Children were able to ask questions to the author. Most of the questions were about where she gets the ideas for the themes of the books. Talking and reviewing the author's works was followed by reading the picture books. The author left the choice of picture books that will be read to the children.

Activity report
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