Thursday, 30 April 2015

Communication and training meetings

  • Welcome meeting for parents held in kindergarten Djecji svijet in September 2015 (Croatia)

  • Welcome meeting 2015 (Spain)
The last 13rd of October 2015, the second welcome meeting for new families was organized as a part of our goals in this Project.
Apart from we have had the opportunity of knowing one each other, we explained who we were, what participation ways for families at school were or how to be involved in S.E.L.F. project, among other contents.
It was a nice and productive meeting where we felt that we were involved in a community project that could change our future model for Early Ages Education.

Visual documentation

  • Welcome meeting for the new families in Zaleo (Spain).
An encounter activity is thought to be designed for families whose children attend for the first time to our school, contributing to create a suitable atmosphere of coexistence and searching the benefit for families of knowing in advanced some aspects of the organization and participation in it. That encounter consists of several actions:

- First public appearance of all the staff that works at the school (teachers, management team, services personnel and cooking personnel). 

- The management team summarizes our methodology, actions and leading workshops developed at the school and they present the SELF project, encouraging to take part in it. 

- Former students’ parents speak for their experience about the education of their children at Zaleo. 

- Families association introduce themselves and speak about the cooperation at the school through working commissions. 

- In the room there are distributed computers which show photographs or videos of the workshops developed at Zaleo by the teachers. 

- There are panels and corners of parents spread along the room with Families association working commissions. 

- The dialogue is promoted among everybody, interacting with families, listening to their fears and solving doubts.

Document "Zaleo teachers":
  •  Tuesday’s in Zaleo” Groups of teachers and families meet to reflect on today’s education

These encounters have supplied parents and teachers the suitable academic training according to the educational process and the personal development of boys and girls from the school. 

At this respect, the activity has been assumed as:

· An encounter space to exchange experiences and reflections related to Zaleo educational community 

· A way of learning along life 

· Working in group or in small teams to provide the opportunity to express and communicate each other and reach the collective conclusions 

· A way to mend wrong or unsuitable habits 

· A tool to improve the educational quality among families and the school 

· “Highly qualified” support when has been necessary

Activity report

  • Poetic itinerary in Zaleo. “Platero’s Universe”. Saturday the 25th April.

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