Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Visiting an interacive exhibition “Elektro Baroque”

As part of the 9th Varazdin museum ceremony and celebration of International Museum Day, the Herzer Palace in Varazdin showed an exhibition Electro Baroque. At the initiative of a parent we agreed to visit the exhibition with the children. The main reason for visiting the exhibition was to meet the expectations of children, parents and preschool professionals who wanted the children to see a variety of objects created by innovative, creative and new way of using used modern electronic waste to create different works of art, at the exhibition. During the child activities with the exhibits they kept asking about the way these devices operate, what they are made of, whether the same could be done at home or in the kindergarten. We agreed with the parents that we should continue working with the children on the topic. We plan to collect available electronic waste and we will try to get the desired composition of electronic elements and we will try to find new use for them. At the same time the children will express their ideas by drawing, verbally as well as actively participating in developing prototypes of new devices.

Activity report
Visual documentation

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