Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Math as a game

The kindergarten Djecji svijet held an evening of mathematics, a manifestation that is organized by the Croatian Mathematical Society. Parents prepared the workshop together with the preschool educators, and the children took part in it. Math was brought closer to children as a game, a form of fun, through the prepared materials and activities.
It is especially important for preschoolers to learn through exploration, games and fun. By providing a variety of materials that supports children's natural curiosity, a kindergarten as an educational community develops a variety of learning strategies and competences to "learning how to learn". By providing a variety of learning methods, together with adults and other children, we encourage divergent thinking, providing a variety of possibilities for understanding the various solutions, nurturing and encouraging various forms of creation.
Parents and teachers prepared a series of materials designed for children to play with. The materials are selected in such a way to allow the identification of mathematical relationships, the separation of geometric figures in the images that are present every day in kindergarten and the observation of natural materials (stone - agate) in order to notice the rhythm of repeating the same lines that form the elliptical form that naturally occurred during the formation of stones. Additionally provided is mastering the proper use of the compass, where parents were models and helped children in mastering the skill of handling a compass. Curve rulers are intended for drawing curved lines of which may become usual or unusual and unexpected shapes. We used our construct center that is equipped with materials of various shapes to develop potential mathematical skills in a place of natural games that the children are used to.

At the appointed time all interested parents and educators gathered, who were free to choose materials involved in a variety of math activities. In doing so, a number of activities have enabled the understanding of quantitative or spatial relationships, identifying and naming geometric shapes and bodies. A variety of stones has prompted parents and children to express creativity by painting. Painting different types of lines formed right visual works of art, the joint work of children and their parents. Some parents and children were interested in solving the mathematical problems using a variety of educational toys.

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