Thursday, 12 March 2015

Activities in family surroundings

During February, workshops were held with parents and children in order to make a variety of instruments from unformed material. The instruments were made to use in the children’s parade of masks during Carnival. During the workshop, parents suggested going with costumed children to visit one family from the kindergarten. The aim of the visit was for children to socialize in the natural family environment, in the yard, and the preparation of donuts - a traditional food of the carnival. The parents initiative was accepted by the kindergartens teachers and the visit was realized. During their stay in the yard children have acquired new practical experiences in practical life activities. Socializing with family members through three generations: grandmother, parents and children; playing together with a pet and participation in the preparation and serving of donuts were of special importance for the children. Also, special experience for children was playing in the snow realizing that you can cool your tea faster if you put it in the snow. The whole activity was independently organized by parents. The activity was conducted according to the principles of participatory methods by which everyone is actively involved in line with their abilities. Preparation of activity was carried out by parents and professional kindergarten team, activity was conducted by members of the family, and children were actively involved in all stages of implementation of the activity itself.

Activity report
Visual documentation

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